The interactions of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effect

Our Activities


A wide range of services focused on companies in the chemical-pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry

Agents & Distributors

Providing commercial and business development support to companies in the chemical-pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry that want to start, or increase, their commercial activities in the Spanish or European market. Also providing technical and regulatory support when required.

Tech Transfers

Focused on companies whose factories are not recognized by the EU quality standards and want to have products manufactured in a GMP-European factory.

Developing & Improving Substances

BioPharma Synergies has an R&D team that provides support on the development and improvement of API, Intermediates and FDF.

Orodispersible Powder in Stick Packs

After several years of development, our company is glad to present a Drug delivery system that will allow FDF to be differentiated from pure generic products.

This innovative solution masks the bad taste of many APIs, doesn´t need water for swallowing and is in the process of being patented worldwide.

Now it’s the right time to find partners that apply it to be the first in the market to launch this technology.

Based In



Headquarters In Barcelona

Our office and laboratory are located in Barcelona, a global European city that is thinking ahead, and is actively preparing itself for the future and for growth. It is ranked as one of the world’s top “smart cities” and “start-up hubs” and it’s the center of the Pharmaceutical Business conglomerate of Spain.

Local Reps

We count with local representatives in China and India, two emerging countries that are always part of the Pharma supply chain and became indispensable for the manufacturing of contemporary medicines.

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